M. Scott Donahey

Arbitrator and Mediator

  Client Quotations


"If you need an arbitrator in a technology case, look no further. Scott Donahey is outstanding, combining years of arbitration and litigation experience with a firm grasp of technology."


"Mr. Donahey's incisive questioning as chair of our arbitration panel both focused the panel and elucidated key arguments. He was well-prepared and while authoritative, remained flexible in exercising the discretion of the chair to oversee an orderly hearing."



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About the Practice

M. Scott Donahey focuses exclusively on domestic and international arbitration, mediation, and domain names under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Act (UDRP). 

Mr. Donahey has more than 20 years experience in complex commercial, intellectual property, and international commercial disputes; and has decided more than 150 commercial arbitration cases and more than 200 disputes under the UDRP.


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